​Sewing started as a hobby.  About 25 years ago I looked around and saw sewing everywhere.  Clothing, upholstery, bags, covers, even structural.  I felt an affinity to sewing and design.  I come from a family of sewers going back generations.  Maybe it's genetic.

After graduating from Sheridan College Faculty of Fashion Design and Technology in 1991 I became self-employed as Guy Anthony.  I went off to sew my way through life.  Sewing is a trade as well as an art form.  I try to respect both notions.  There is always a technical component and because almost all of my projects are "one of one", there is a creative component as well. 

I have always enjoyed and savored the unbelievable range of the projects I have turned out.  I draw inspiration from my environment and especially from other artists.

A friend of mine once said, "I work in the morning because I love my job and work in the afternoon because I need the money."  I have always been supported by family and friends and by those who have hired me to design and sew.  My tenacity is partially pay back to those who have been there all along.  To show that their investment in me is still paying dividends.